Visual Motivation Cards



BACKGROUND: Originally developed by Dr. Manfred Clynes whose book, Sentics, outlines the research involved, the visuals on these cards depict the actual “wave shape” of specific emotional states as recorded by a machine that Dr. Clynes calls a “Sentograph”. The testee responds to the visual with the same emotion the wave-shape depicts, complete to changes in breathing, heartbeat and movement. In other words, Dr. Clynes has created a kind of emotional “short-hand” that by-passes Dominant/CIA control and speaks directly to the body’s cellular awareness.

Peter MacArthur of New Zealand extracted the visuals from Dr. Clynes’ published research, had them printed in card-form and uses them as part of his work in stress release. Mr. MacArthur brought the cards to our attention and our testing concurs with his: they work beautifully to crack through Belief System blockages.

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