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Welcome to this 38th Touch for Health conference in Malibu! I am delighted to be able to visit with so many friends from around the country and around the world. Thanks for coming to my neighborhood, as I really am not traveling too much anymore as part of my self care. Ijust turned 80 a few months back!

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One Thought on “Roots, Essence and Vision

  1. Returning to this paper, and the theme of the 2013 conference in Malibu: Roots, Essence & Vision. Now it is almost 2021, and similar themes in our national and international conferences – partnering with Knowlative.
    1. Legacy of Light
    2. Roots & Innovations

    What are YOUR roots that feed your version of TFH/ Kinesiology? What are the core ideas or techniques that are central to your practice? What are the Innovations that YOU have developed, or that you have adopted, or are even looking for in the future? What is YOUR legacy? What will you pass along from what you have learned and developed? How will you pass along your legacy? Are you teaching students, or individuals in self-care methods that can be passed on to many others? Do you have any apprentice or protege’s who will continue and expand the contributions you have made?

    John & Carrie Thie had the privilege of meeting many innovators, and were joined by so many enthusiastic supporters of their vision who shared it far and wide, and continue to find creative ways to share. You may know the name George Goodheart, you may be familiar with some principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture, but do you know the names Carl Rogers, Virginia Satir, and Thomas Gordon? The educational, self-responsibility model is a very important aspect of the holistic TFH approach to balancing the whole person. These were some of the teachers and Mentors of John and Carrie. What are some of your sources for understanding Self-Responsibility, Listening, and Dialogue as a part of the balancing process?

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