2001 – Creating Miracles


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The Importance of Research in Touch For Health Kinesiology John F. Thie
Abracadabra: The Secret Formula for Creating Miracles Robert Aboulache
Muscle Balancing for Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Condition Hamilton Barhydt / Elizabeth Barhydt
An Introduction to Micro-Current Therapy Julie Clemens
Creating Money Miracles  Jan Cole
The Body’s Unfailing Language Charles Crowder
How to Earn $1000 a Week Teaching Energy Health Classes Ray Gebauer
Monitoring Change – A Prerequisite to Proving Efficacy Sue Hall
The Effect of Specific Massage Therapy on Chronic Pain in the Institutionalized Elderly Norma Harnak
Crystal Kinesiology, Color, Geometry and Sacred Sites Ken Harsh
Go-Jo Acupressure Workshop Ed Ireton
The Warren Balance Warren Jacobs
Alternative to Traditional Treatment for Depression Marilyn Joyner
Powers of Stress – Improving Your Balances with Setups Adam Lehman
Life Energy in Our Hands and Breath Ed Long
Stress Indicator Point Lynne McCall
Chakra Sound Essences Evelyn Mulders
Ten Steps to Change Sharon Promislow
Strengthening the Body to Eliminate Mercury Philip Rafferty
Pain Free System Offers Breakthrough Approaches for Chronic Pain, Repetitive Motion Injuries Richard Rossiter
The Effect of Language in our Lives Diane Smith / Ilene Whipple
Weight Loss – A Different Approach Wayne Topping
Binary and Analogue Muscle Testing Leila Turner
Healing Qualities of Sound Using Tuning Forks  Richard Utt / Georg Weitzch