The Importance of History in Touch for Health Kinesiology



Touch for Health continues to grow throughout the world as a system that lay people can easily learn to be more aware of their health and vitality and to balance their Chi, their life energy, to live fully and have more meaningful lives. But ever since the beginning of the Instructor Training Workshops, there have been those who have become TFH “practitioners” either by making TFH central to their practice of massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc, OR by expertly practicing the simple procedures of TFH alone as a modality for healing. Many natural, “gifted” healers have found in TFH a structure to focus and reinforce their abilities, as well as a context in which to allow others to see and feel in a concrete way what they see in an intuitive way.

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One Thought on “The Importance of History in Touch for Health Kinesiology

  1. This Article from 2002 highlights some important points related to
    • The concept of a TFH “Practitioner” (nowadays we have an IKC training structure for the TFH Consultant)

    • Enhancing our balancing outcomes, as well as professional success, by enriching our “History-Taking”.

    • This involves BOTH “SOAP” notes AND the Holistic TFH Approach

    • Appropriate integration of the “SOAP” notes (medical) approach to the history, allows better potential complementarity with other “therapies”.

    • Enhancing this approach with the TFH Holistic model allows us to expand self-awareness and approach each person as a Soul, that is a completely integrated whole, body/mind/spirit, that is connected with the universe.

    • The TFH goal-setting, coaching, dialogue, interview process helps develop narrative history and vision of the future. The 5 Element Metaphors help develop awareness of the sensory/associative aspects of your energy balance.

    •Keeping records of your balances in a structured way has many benefits such as:
    – Enhancing mutual awareness and understanding with the specific client, so that there is greater benefit of the balancing, and satisfaction with the session
    – Supporting the client to carry their story with them for greater understanding with other practitioners whether medical or otherwise
    – Building on the History and Progress of previous sessions, for continuity and cumulative benefit
    – Personal awareness of best practice and patterns of success in your practice

    • Your records can be as simple as a goal statement with a subjective rating on a scale of 0-10 before and after the balance. Or if you use the eTouch TFH interactive program, you can rather painlessly record each muscle imbalance, energy pattern, reflex/technique, and outcome and create an excellent, holistic, TFH/Kinesiology oriented system of SOAP notes.

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