1997 – Together In Abundance


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Mail Boxes Are Us: A Different Kind of E-Mail (Energy-Mail) Marcia Hart
Fowler’s Phases of Faith and the 5 Element Metaphors John F. Thie
The “Results” Kinesiology System Rose Mary Boito
Simple Brain Integration Technique Carol L Boschetto
Applying Kinesiology to Bodywork Jeanne Girard
Confidence: The Key to Success in Kinesiology Arlene Green
Vision Improvement Grace Halloran
Will and the Body’s Internet Marcia Hart
The Myth of Chiron/The Reality of Ethics Debra Hurt
Communication Modes Warren Jacobs
Self-Applied Kinesiology Body Electrics: Getting It All Together Ed Long
Meeting Your Six Human Needs: The Key to Attaining a Healthy, Happy Life John Maguire
Emotions of the Feet, Relationships of the 4 Elements Nettie Meissner
On Target Nutrition Andrew Morris
Journey into the Discovery of Optimal Health Dee Oldham
Over-Energy and Trauma Survivors: A New Direction for Abundance Sharon Plaskett
Presentation of the TFH Instructor’s Workshop Flip Chart Loyce Price
Neural Organization Technique Evelyne Rupp
Teacher-Student and Practitioner -Client Interactions: Mutual Adverse Influences and What to Do About Them LaVonne and Allen Schmitt -Gordon
Allergies: The Health Kinesiology Perspective Jimmy Scott
Hormone Balance in the 90’s: Is Living Really Better Through Chemistry? Linda Clark Scott
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Joan Spalding
Mindfulness and Kinesiology Lhasha Tizer
Allergies as Symptoms of Imbalance Wayne Topping
Patterns in Healing: Exploring Some Similarities in Different Systems of Healing Jacqueline Wurn