1995 – Spirit of the Healing Heart



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Spirit of the Healing Heart Robert Aboulache
Empathic Sensing and Visual Impairment Laura L. Anderson
Awakening Your Personal Energy-Body Consciousness Dottie and Joe Asselin
Joe’s Total Related Testing Technique Joe Bassett
Spiritual Growth Through Kinesiology Carol L. Boschetto
Holistic Aromatherapy Balancing Paula Broset
The Voice of Healing Carla Carlisi
Don’t Let Stress Drain Your Life Energy! Virgil Chrane
Repattern Indecision and Procrastination Jan Cole
The ABC’s of Business Michael DeLory
The Transcend Vibrational Cards, Kinesiology, and Electromagnetic Stress Sabina DeVita
Re-Education of the Shoulder Girdle Bruce Doolin
Neural Organization Technique Carl Ferreri
Emotional Reflexology Michael Flatley
Empowering Our True Selves Annette Franks
Beyond Technique Patrice Gildner
Ecstatic Body Postures: A Ritual Doorway Into Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness Belinda Gore
The Maturing Process: Insights Into Our Inner Child Carol Gottesman
The Power of Intention in Making a Difference Arlene Green
TFH and the 12 Stages of Healing Denise Gurney
Understanding the Energy of Cell Salts, Flower Essences and Aromas Anne Hall
How We Create Our Own Addictions Ed Ireton
The Warren Balance Warren Jacobs
Intentionality, Body Mechanics and Holiness Paul Linden
The Journey Process: Transforming Core Issues John Varun Maguire
Your Diaphragm: Don’t Leave Home Without It Frank Mahoney
Cysts – Our Emotional Circuit Breakers Dee Martin
Rolfing and the Structure-Gravity Connection in the Information Age Austin McElroy
Achieving Permanent Behavior Changes John A. McMullin
De-Bugging Your Dragons Nettie Meissner
How to Influence Respiratory Musculature Through Massage Therapy and Applied Kinesiology Kate Montgomery
Getting Clients for Kinesiology Marge Murray
Knowing How to be Legal Marge Murray
Intelligent Movement Paula Oleska
Retrieving the Soul, A Practical Guide to Getting All of the Pieces Back Martin J. Patton
Tension Equalization Massage Willy Penzel
Toward Heaven on Earth Mark R. Pitstick
Switched On Creativity Sharon Promislow
Don’t Be Afraid of Losing that Pain in Your Knee Jim Reid
Relieving Pain with Over Energy Jim Reid
Body Typing J. R. Schroeder
Spiritual Empowerment J. R. Schroeder
What Every Kinesiologist Should Know About Geobiology Jimmy Scott
Transformational Kinesiology: Unfolding Human Potential Karen Sellhausen
Maharishi Ayur-Veda: A Comprehensive System of Natural Medicine Hari Sharma
Aromatherapy: Fragrant Vibrations to Keep Energy Flowing Sandra L. Smith
The Divine Dance of Loving Patti Steurer
What Muscle Testing Can and Cannot Do Gordon Stokes
Positive Regard; Life-Long Learning and Spiritual Commitment Mel Suhd
Integrating Emotions into Your Touch for Health Balance Wayne Topping
Seven Element Figure 8’s Richard Utt and Charles Krebs
A Kinesiological Approach to Chi-Kung Hugo Vermeesch
Shapes of Stress Hugo Vermeesch
Enhance Your Chi Energy Ron Wagner
A New Healing Paradigm Robert Waldon
The Mental Revolution: The Doorway to Your Subconscious Richard Welch
Improve Your Eyesight Naturally! C. J. Wilson
Balancing Mind and Body Through Macrobiotics Osbon Woodford
Longevity Irene Yaychuk-Arabei
The Power of Touch and Caring Sandra-Jeanne Chadwick
In Search of the Missing Links for Permanent Weight Loss Donna Kramolis
Self-Breast Massage and Touch for Health Paul Larson
Alternative Health Choices for Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth Marcia Carnicelli Minor