1994 – Reaching Out – Reaching In


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Welcome to Your Future Yevette Eastman
Where Are We Today John F. Thie, DC
Creating Inner Peace Robert A. Aboulache
The Basic Balance Concept Elizabeth and Hamilton Barhydt
Loving More, Demanding Less Elizabeth Barhydt
14 Meridian Balance for Horses Michael Baxter
The Brilliance of the Behavioral Barometer Carol Ann Bickerstaf
Strategy for Gaining Rapport and Responding to Criticism Ann Blake
Homolateral Muscle Repatterning Mary-Lynn Buan
Fascial Hypertonics Donna Chalmers
Magnets, TFH and Healing Jan Cole
Illogical Association for Learning the 14 TFH Muscles Torry Collinson
Genetic Emotional Memory Clovis Horta Correa
Frozen Emotional Children Norma Cowie
Format for an Introductory TFH Workshop Michael DeLory
Our Male and Female Gender Fears Bruce Dewe
Using Kinesiology for Cerebral Palsy Margriet De Wild
Reaching Out Door to Door Victoria Di Ana
The Reflexo-K Procedure Yvette Eastman
Chronic Degenerative Diseases: Etiology and Treatment Rosanne Fischer-Peirick
The StarFire Method of Dance Kinesiology: Body-Centered Self-Development David Fuerstenau, and Patti Steurer
Core Beliefs Gary Gallagher
The Facial Map Janice L. Golub
Verifying a Clear Muscle Test Rick Haaland
Incorporating Aromatics into a Kinesiology Base  Anne Hall
Switched-On Sports Taylore K. Halsden
Uncovering Chakra Blockages Using Shamanic-Oriented Hypnosis Sean Harder
Talking, Touching, and Teaching with TFH Norma Easter Harnack, RN
“Am I Present?” Use Jakobovits, RN
Sound and Energy Medicine Desire Keeawok
Essential Oils and You Valerie Konopliff
Protection – Creating a Safe Space Diane Koyich
The Essence of Healing Allen M. Lees
Transformational Vocabulary John Varon Maguire
Body Scanning for Hidden Stress Frank Mahony
Kinesiology with McTimoney Chiropractic -For Humans and Animals Kay McCarroll
Surrogate Emotions Cheryn McGee
Seven Levels of Healing John A. McMullin
Another Deadly Sin Nettie Meissner
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention and Treatment Kate Montgomery
Inherent Healing Intelligence Mary Louise Muller
Murray’s Affirmations Revisited Marge Murray
 The First Polish ITW, March 1994 Paula Oleska
Sea Essences, Acupuncture, & Kinesiology Sabina Pettitt
Combining Aboriginal & Non-Aboriginal Perspectives of Wellness Carole Pierce
Noticing the Difference, Reactive Corrections for a Crowd Sharon Promislow
Think Smarter, Not Harder! Sharon Promislow
Palpation: What Do You Feel When You Touch? Bronwyn Punch, MT
Be on the Winning Side of Interpersonal Relationships Gale Redfern
Don’t Be Afraid of Losing that Pain in Your Knee Jim Reid
Correcting Pain Using Over Energy Jim Reid
TFH, Visualization, and Massage Therapy Geraldine Rhoades
How’s YOUR Laugh Life Carla Rieger
Linking Human Physiography with Neurolinguistic Programming Kerryn Rowe
Assessing Digestive Function using Diagnostic Muscle Testing Brian C. Schroeder
How to Do Psychological Corrections Jimmy Scott
The Seven Rays and You, an Aspect of Transformational Kinesiology Linda Clark Scott
Neuro-Emotional Technique, Using the Sense of Smell Mark Shepherd
Allergies DO Have Antidotes Dot Singleton
Innovative Methods in the Uses & Applications of Kinesiology Anny Slegten
Developmental Kinesiology – The Motoric Development across the Body Midline Angelika Stiller and Renate Wennekes
Introduction to Structure/Function Gordon Stokes
The Health Hazards of Anger Wayne Topping
Biokinetic Exercises: Wayne Topping
Going Where You Want To Be Depends on Where You Are Alice Vieira
The Callahan Techniques Phillip Warren
Ear Candling Greg Webb
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: There is Hope Terry Willard