1987 – Transformations



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The Pyramid of Health John Thie
What About Relaxation Massage For Everyone? Sara Aeikens
A, B, C’s of Meditation Sara Aeikens
Developmental Affirmations for Self Esteem and the Wheel of Emotions Carol Albee
Some Important Considerations in Muscle Testing for Foods and Supplements Elizabeth and Hap Barhydt
SPA–Single Point Analysis and Single Point Application Leslie K. Bolgar
Tuning Up the Tongue Kathy Brannan
Terre Spine Arlene Nedd Brown
Finger Testing and Self-Balancing Cressandra Cobb
Today’s Exercise and Fitness Bonanza! MyrI M. Cole
Streamlining TFH for the Lay Person Risteard de Barra, B.Sc.
Report of Findings from the Electromagnetic Kinesiology Research & Educational Center Nancy Dougherty
Using Integrated Materials for the Integration Process Stephanie Friesen
The Health Care Contract: A Model for Sharing Responsibility Jerry A. Green, J.D.
Mastery of Life – The Spirit; Operator of the Bio-Computer Torbjorn M. Hanson
Touch for Health in the 80’s Norma Easter Harnack, R. N
Aiki in Touch For Health Richard L. Harnack, M.REL.
Transformation, Wholeness, and Holiness Richard L. Harnack, M.REL.
Acu-Touch for Health Physical Kinesiology Fitness Formulas Ed Long
Disease vs. Illness Peggy Maddox
Subtle Switching- Sugar Switching- Reverse Adrenal Switching Angela Burr-Madsen
Freedom From Allergies Through KCA Devi Nambrudipad
5 Element Balancing with Educational Kinesiology Correction Paula Oleska
Self- Balancing Paula Oleska
Meridian Energy Brain Integration Marjorie Ragon
Combat Chemical Toxicity Linda Reece, B.K.P., N.C.
Is Touch for Health Scientific? Is Western Medicine Scientific?- A Physicist’s View Steven Rochlitz, Ph.D. Cando
Towards a Complete Theory of Integration and Beyond- Meta-Integration Steven Rochlitz, Ph.D. Cando
Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes Jimmy Scott, Ph.D.
Do You Have Elfitis? Hollaye B. Shayne
TFH, Fitness and Athletes Margaret J. Sheehan
Recognize Students/Clients Needs at a Glance Valerie Stansfield
Two Further Muscle Tests for the Heart Meridian Wayne W. Topping, Ph.D.
Osher Balancing for Self Harmony Michaela and Ofir Touval
Pectoralis Major Clavicular – An Applied Physiology Approach Richard Utt
The Chicken Soup Approach Idelle Weissenberg