Fowler’s Phases of Faith and the 5 Element Metaphors



We use a variety of different models of reality when we use Touch For Health (TFH) or other Kinesiologies as methods of improving performance or having more personal bests. Each of these models entails certain assumptions and ideas which we believe to be true, even though we may not be conscious of these beliefs.

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One Thought on “Fowler’s Phases of Faith and the 5 Element Metaphors

  1. Currently in a new phase of archiving (rescuing some items from a house fire!), I happened across this one- pretty short and sweet summary of the Faith/Worldview Metaphors, the mysterious 11th category of 5 Element Metaphors that we contemplate in TFH. Some really good granular explanations of the Phases of cognitive development and thereby types of perspectives/perceptions/beliefs at stages in development/life-cycle or in a phase of a project, or in your energetic flow. Typical ways to access this information that has been mapped to the 5 Element flows, would be either balance as you go (refer to the Element information for any unlocking muscles), or 1-point Balance (really delve into the details, or use an indicator muscle on each bullet point, related to the 1-point Element). Obviously you could just use the indicator muscle to choose an element, or consider as when doing a color balance or sound balance. Enjoy!

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