The Transcend Vibrational Cards, Kinesiology, and Electromagnetic Stress



The Transcend Vibrational Card system, a product of Dimensional Design, is a new technology for restoring and balancing the energies of the body/mind. They are vibrationally imprinted cards that are designed to interact with the bio systems.

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3 Thoughts on “The Transcend Vibrational Cards, Kinesiology, and Electromagnetic Stress

  1. Kathy on April 4, 2017 at 3:12 pm said:

    I purchased 2 cards in1995-6. Protectoplexcard and a custom balancing card.
    Have been stored in plastic sleeve, but not used for years.
    As it says, they do not need to be recharged, does that mean they are effective now.
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Just came across your post from 2017… well, happy 2020!

    For anyone interested in the answer to the question,
    “The holographic imprinted grid on each card holds vibrational patterns of selected harmonic frequencies of light, color, sound and symbol. ”

    This means that the grid/pattern is imprinted in the card, so the energetic signature or resonance should be permanent. You can use them today the same as you would have done in 1995. And, as the article also states, you can always muscle check to get an indication.

  3. Q.
    Can the holographic cards still be purchased?
    CaRol Berger

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