Palace of Transformation




In TFH we use a variety of touch reflexes to improve the flow and balance of life energy, most readily noticed in the shifts in the muscles responses and posture, as well as mental and emotional functions, and general vitality. Although we might do a holistic 14-muscle/meridian balance without mentioning a single meridian name, and perhaps only using Spinal Reflexes and a few Neurolymphatic points, The central concept, and much of our theory and technical procedures, derives from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As with the great spread and practical effectiveness of “EFT”, it is not necessary to know the names of meridians or specific acupuncture points (whether tapped individually or held in pairs to elicit their Five-Element relationships) in order to observe changes in muscle response and often profound shifts in our posture, attitude and energy.

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One Thought on “Palace of Transformation

  1. However, we do have certain names we use, some based on concepts original to Applied Kinesiology, and some directly from acupuncture (Such as Switching Points from AK, or Kidney 27 (K27), from acupuncture). Although many of us may be familiar with certain point numbers, like K27, we may not be aware that each of these points has it’s own name, such as Shu Fu, which has been interpreted to mean, “Transformation Palace”.


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