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I’ve sat on the floor in my hallway crying. I have felt like no matter how much I love my children and no matter how much I do for them, they will never feel my love and never be happy. This might sound like the common complaint of many parents; their children do not appreciate all they do for them. However, let me explain to you why there is more to my story.

Dr. Charles T. Krebs explains the importance ofthe bonding that takes place between mom and baby immediately after birth. “Children are presented to their mother immediately after birth, at that critical time her brain is primed with a hormone, but it’s actually a neurotransmitter in the brain called Oxytocin, and when Oxytocin fires in the brain with the picture of that child’s face, we have this natural inborn system called the nurturing system that’s within our brain stem, and that baby’s face elicits a release of additional Oxytocin and that initiates a bonding.”

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