Survival and Healing with “Touch for Health” Support




This “Touching, Moving Experience” is a personal journey. The title of this presentation reflects the “aging” process experienced by the author, resulting from her recent struggles with illness and recovery. Ms. Aeikens shares some of her life’s “herbs, spices.and onions(!)” which give flavor to her story. She also relates specifically as to how the theme of seasons and cycles aided her healing. This includes specific Touch for Health techniques that were helpful in times of crisis and recovery. This paper is also an appreciative writing for all the supportiveness received through and from the Touch for Health Community. Sara Aeikens, of Albert Lea, Minnesota owns Imprints International, a multi-sensory educational and counseling service. She is the author of a video tape, “Massage for Everyone”; she is also creator of Solution Symbols, a visual technique developed specifically for problem solving with those who learn best visually. She uses movement, touch, sound, color, timing and imagery to help create positive changes in people’s lives.

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