eHum and Multi-dimensional Vibratory Healing




My Objectives in this Presentation
I. Provide an Overview and Background of eHum
a. The Challenges – a search for a solution
Vibratory Healing
b. Connecting the Dots – the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity at work
2. Present and overview ofthe variations of the eHum technique at work
a. Active and Passive client participation
b. Natural and External Sound sources
3. Provide an overview of how eHum is used in a balancing session
a. Balance-as-you-go
b. One-point balance
4. Present evidence ofthe effectiveness ofthe technique
a. Locking muscles
b. Absence of over-energy after its use
c. Enhanced Feelings of Bliss and Wellness from those that experience the technique
5. Examine the science and theory behind how and why it works
6. Present the results of a research project using eHum as the primary balancing technique

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