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The TFH clinical approach refers in a generic sense to teaching TFH in a clinical setting, whether one-on-one in private sessions, or as part of a workshop where participants serve as case-studies and the concepts and techniques are learned through exposure to many authentic individual sessions, in addition to lecture, guided practice, and independent study and practice. Client/student education may be informal when TFH is integrated as an aspect /approach in the practice of chiropractic, massage, holistic nursing/medicine, acupuncture, psychology, coaching, sports/athletic training, energy medicine, mind-bodywork, Specialized or Energy Kinesiology, etc. without a formal training program or certifica- tion. The clinical approach may also be integrated with the standard International Kinesiology College (IKC) Syllabus and Instructor Certification program. Many practitioners have become Certified TFH In- structors with the main intention of using the tech- niques in clinical practice, and not necessarily teach- ing their clients to use the techniques for themselves; and a variety of professional kinesiology certifica- tions have been developed around the world based in whole or in part on the fundamentals of Touch for Health. John Thie’s Clinical TFH TM refers to the particular way that TFH founder, Dr. John F. Thie, developed to practice and teach TFH, usually in an intensive retreat, emphasizing the basic core features of TFH, and enhancing them with an enriched ap- proach to listening, dialogue, interviewing, goal- setting and use of metaphor to make the TFH bal- ance a profoundly meaningful and transformative process, embodying the new Paradigm of Wellness development.

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